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My sister, Janis, innocently engraved a Saint Michael's U.S. Army medal with "fly fearless" on the back and gifted it to me one Christmas. For those unfamiliar with St. Michael, he is supposed to provide protection. The term fit my military career of being an Army CH-47F Chinook Flight Engineer because I had to, quite literally, "fly fearless." The charm held its place with my dog tags for quite some time while experiencing countless flights and various missions with me. It even made the trip to Afghanistan with me until the connecting loop finally wore away. Then, I began carrying it in my uniform left chest pocket, where it remains today as I start a new journey as an Air Force MH-139A Grey Wolf Special Mission Aviator Instructor.


The engraving has worn off, but the phrase took on a deeper meaning and resonated with me, so I got "fly fearless" in a tattoo close to my heart. The phrase and medal from my sister always stay with me. I didn't want to only fly fearlessly in the sky, however. Instead, I wanted to fly fearlessly in life and inspire others to do the same by breaking boundaries, living their best life, creating the life they see fit, and proving the nay-sayers wrong.


The mission of Fly Fearless is to inspire women to take that leap of faith and boldly step without hesitation into industries not deemed to be feminine by sharing my story.

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